Having worked with a many highly-talented A & D firms with eclectic styles, our furniture can be seen in the homes and business locations of individuals and companies renowned for their distinguished sense of style, tasteful innovation and their discerning eye for both quality and detail.

A family-run business, we have a proud tradition of being  able to offer superior craftsmanship in fine custom upholstery, woodwork, metalwork, finishing and window treatments.

To set ourselves apart from others, we offer numerous, very helpful, ways of facilitating your design process:

ONE-STOP-SHOPPING:  Our diversity of expertise allows us to provide our clients with a single point-of-contact for all their manufacturing needs.  You will not need to waste time making unnecessary time-consuming phone calls.  You will not have to coordinate the schedule of numerous vendors (whose priorities may not align with yours) to pull your project together.  Working with Legacy Mfg allows you make ONE phone call so you can move on and focus your time on other productive, money-making areas of your business.

SHORTER LEAD TIMES:  Controlling all aspects of the production process enables us to complete your project more quickly than our competition.

COLLABORATIVE APPROACH:  Our experienced artisans are ready to assist with suggestions on ways to achieve your design goal.  Allow us to help you to realize your vision.

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