Imagine you had the time, skill, materials and tools to make your own furniture. Every item would precisely reflect your taste, your style and your creativity.

Each beautifully crafted piece would fit your needs perfectly, becoming part of a harmonious environment that reflects your unique personality.

Of course, in today’s busy world you can’t trade your office for a workshop. But you can let us be your skilled hands.

Our staff of dozens of highly skilled artisans are here for one purpose: to craft beautiful custom furnishings for you in fine wood, beautiful textiles, polished metals, hand selected leather or whatever other materials you require.

Not sure if the size or shape you have in mind will be quite right for your room? Let us create a full-size mockup for you. You’ll know in moments if the size and style are exactly what you want, with a certainty that no blueprint or computer-generated image can give you.

How we work with our clients

Legacy Mfg has had the privilege of providing custom-crafted furnishings for the private residences of some of America’s leading figures in the arts, fashion and business. Typically we work with their skilled interior designers and architects, but on occasion we have had the pleasure of collaborating directly with these fascinating and creative individuals.

We have also been selected by designers and contract specifiers to provide furnishings for many premier hotels, resorts and restaurants. Here our clients must carefully balance fine design with considerations of durability, ease of maintenance, budget and schedule.

Our clients are welcome to visit our facilities, where together we can review their design concepts, look at several thousand square feet of samples, discuss the specifics of materials, construction techniques, finishing options and delivery date.

Restoration and replication

Our artisans, many of whom have decades of experience, welcome the opportunity to use their specialized skills to restore a cherished antique or heirloom. That may mean a careful refinishing of a fine cabinet or table, or a frame-up reupholstering of a classic chair using traditional materials and fabrics. It can also include repair of more serious damage, extending to hand crafting of broken or missing pieces to precisely match the original.