October 28, 2016
October 28, 2016


This leather features a 19th century aged wood effect that is showcased in a modern color line. The crackle effect is preserved in the finish of the leather yet allows some color pull to increase the overall effect. Colors are produced with pigment and wax to create a more color consistent product. Inclination is a unique leather because it looks like an aniline pull up but acts like a semi-aniline.

Technical Data:
Finish Type: Semi-Aniline
Content: South American Cowhide
Country Finished: South America
Size: 48 sq ft (+/-)
Thickness: 0.9-1.1 mm

Test Performance:
Test:/ Test Method:/ Specified Value:/ Actual Value:
Color Fastness Dry Rub:/ ISO 11640/ 300 cycles, 5/ PASS
Color Fastness Wet Rub:/ ISO 11640/ 50 cycles, ¾/ PASS
Color Fastness Sweat Rub:/ ISO 11640/ 5 cycles, ¾/ PASS
Flexing Endurance:/ ISO 5402/ 30,000c/ No finish cracking
Finish Adhesion:/ ISO 11644/ 2N/10 mm/ PASS
Tear Strength:/ IUP-8/ 40N/ PASS
Tensile Strength:/ ISO 3376 / 8N/mm2/ PASS
Elongation at Break:/ ISO 3376/ 40-60%/ PASS

Flame Resistance:
CA 117
NFPA 260