Museum Of Fine Arts – Boston
October 3, 2016
September 30, 2016


Birds of a feather

After dark




Old Fave Green

Night Owl

Latin Spice

Imperial Blue

Empire Red

Dream Blue




Renegade was inspired by a need for a luxurious, but livable leather. We wanted to elevate the finer points of leather in residential use and this aniline oil pull up will give depth and style to each environment. Stellar color work sets Renegade apart from all of the average oil based leathers. The pull up effect is subtle and classy that adds a smooth appearance. Renegade is a sophisticated leather with an alluring hand.

12 colors available

Technical Data:
Finish Type: Aniline, Oil Pull-Up
Content: European Cowhide
Country Finished: Italy
Size: 54 sq ft (+/-)
Thickness: 0.9-1.1 mm

Test Performance:
Test:/ Method/ Condition:/ Results:
Finishing Adhesion/ ISO 11644/ Dry/ 5,1 N/10mm
Finishing Adhesion/ ISO 11644/ Wet/ 3,1 N/10mm
Flexing Endurance/ ISO 5402-1/ Dry/ 20.000
Rubbing Test/ ISO 11640/ 250 Dry/ 4/5 – 5
Rubbing Test/ ISO 11640/ 100 Wet/ 4/5 – 5
Blocking Test/ ASTM D 6116/ 2000 g. Weight/ Passed
Color Fastness/ ISO 105 B02/ 72 h/ 3 / 4
> Color Fastness/ ISO 105 B02/ 150 h/ 3
pH Determination/ pH > 3,2/ pH < o.7

Flame Resistance:
CA 117
NFPA 260