September 30, 2016
September 30, 2016


Urban Gray

Relectant Brown

Elk Brown

Edgie Black


Alpine Whiskey

Belgrade Beige


Rumor has it that inexpensive leather can be soft and elegant! Rumor blends a great feeling leather along with great colors to create a high-end look. Perfectly protected for families with children or for office environments, Rumor lends itself for all applications. A light two-tone gives Rumor dimension to make it stand out in the crowd. Start spreading the Rumor, that soft leather can be had at a value today!

Technical Data:
Finish Type: Protected
Content: South American Cowhide
Country Finished: Brazil
Size: 45 sq ft (+/-)
Thickness: 0.9-1.1 mm

Test Performance:
Test:/ Result: Adhesion:/ > 5 N/cm Friction:/ Grey Scale > 4.... Dry 500 cycles.... Wet 250 cycles
Flex Test:/ 50,000 cycles no cracking
Color Fastness:/ Grey Scale > 3.... Blue Scale > 3
Ageing:/ Grey Scale > 3
Blocking Test:/ No damage

• Rumor is produced on South American raw material which will have some brahma hide selection.
• Brahma hides will have a hole in the neck area.
• Insect bites, brands and healed scars might be present in Rumor.