St Thomas

September 30, 2016
September 26, 2016

St. Thomas

St. Thomas a distressed leather with a rich sophisticated crackle surface that is desired by so many consumers today. Vintage and aged are looks that consumers desire but these leathers take years of use to cultivate. St Thomas give you a jump start on the distressing process using special waxes and oils bring life to the natural tanning process and allow the leather to crack and age with time while enhancing the look and feel. Expect St. Thomas to exhibit natural characteristics such as healed scars and brands as well as a color variation from lot to lot

Technical Data:
Finish Type: Aniline, Pull-Up
Content: Argentine Cowhide
Country Finished: Argentina
Size: 45 sq ft (+/-)
Thickness: 0.9-1.1 mm

Test Performance:
Test:/ Method:/ Result:
Tensile Strength:/ EN ISO 2419 (IUP4)/ >90 kg/cm2
Elongation:/ EN ISO 3376 (IUP6)/ 35+/- 15%
Tear Strength:/ EN ISO 3377-2 (IUP8)/ >3.5 kg
Stitch Tear:/ ASTM D4705/ >7 kg
Dry Rubbing:/ EN ISO 11640 (IUF450)/ 500 cycles / 4 minimum
Perspiration Rubbing:/ EN ISO 11640 (IUF450)/ 20 cycles / 3 minimum
Wet Rubbing:/ EN ISO 11640 (IUF450)/ 20 cycles / 3 minimum
Blocking:/ ASTM 6116/ No visible damage to finish
Light Fastness:/ UV Light/ Minimum 2-3 Grey Scale

Flame Resistance:
CA 117
NFPA 260